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Investment Strategy

At BRB Financial Horizons our investment philosophy has been built from the findings of numerous studies and economic research papers by Nobel Prize winners, including work by Eugene Fama and Daniel Kahneman. We have built 11 portfolios from our core investment philosophy, each of which is tailored to a different level of risk and reward.

We have been using our portfolios for over 15 years and they have seen our clients through the banking crisis and several other market downturns. However, we do not believe that one size fits all and so we offer other investments from the whole of the market which can be used in place of our portfolios.

Our proposition is focused on the belief that no one can consistently time or beat the market.

How to avoid Wealth Destruction

The image below demonstrates how most individual investors react to rising and falling markets. Investor's reaction to these events can lead to wealth destruction.

With the help of financial advice, wealth destruction can be avoided. Buying and selling will be done based on the merits of each underlying investment, rather than as a knee jerk reaction to the 'white noise' of headline news.


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